Pahorjev mednarodni škandal med resnostjo in neresnostjo

Janša po tvitu in tudi v živo svetuje Orbanu, naj Pahorja ne jemlje preveč resno:

Diplomatski zaplet je povzročil predsednik vlade in on ga mora tudi rešiti. Sem pa že govoril z gospodom Orbanom in sem mu svetoval, naj zadeve ne jemlje preveč tragično in resno,« je povedal.

Neiskreno, kajti pred tem je pohitel in na svoji spletni strani pripravil angleško verzijo interpretacije dogodkov, da bi internacionaliziral primer, spravil v zadrego Pahorja in podžgal strasti. Če je vse tako neresno, zakaj takšna vnema pri resnem širjenju informacije v svet, zakaj se je še posebej potrudil z Madžarsko in jo omenil že v naslovu? Spomnimo, včasih je Janša iste manire, ki jih zdaj izvaja sam, razumel kot špeckahlanje. Zakaj je prišlo do takšne nekonsistence, je tudi jasno. Velika ihta škodovati Borutu Pahorju je temu botrovala, vendar na dva različna načina: skozi soustvarjanje mednarodne blamaže in skozi maniro diskreditacije »ad hominem«, po kateri je Pahor pač povsem neverodostojna in neresna oseba. Žal je glede tega drugega Janša zelo blizu resnici.



Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor: We will isolate Hungary!

15. June 2011

SDS Extraordinary International Bulletin (June 2011)

Last week the Slovenian media were flooded by audio tapes of an informal conversation between the Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor and government favourable media dating 28th May 2011.

Apart from many domestic issues the Slovenian socialist Prime Minister mentioned also several foreign topics and illustrated to the media representatives his tight relations with the Prime Ministers from the European People’s Party.

His reflections referred to Hungary, for which he said: “Immediately after Hungary ends with its presidency of the EU, we will politically isolate it, absolutely. Already now, have you seen Orban talking anywhere as the chief of the presiding state in the name of the EU? Nowhere. As soon as the presidency is over, Hungary will be isolated…”

Prime Minister Borut Pahor described his supposed “very tight” cooperation with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and said that “/…/ the signing of the declaration with Merkel on 30th August won’t occur. According to our agreements she should come here on 17th June, but in such a short time she won’t come. Then we’ve somehow agreed, that we take some time for things to calm down. Then I realised that maybe we could place everything in the right position on 30th August. Now, the date of her visit is the 30th August. So now, Merkel would come on 30th August, but the question is if she will come if nothing will be adopted. My philosophy is to stop these super clubs like Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Netherlands plus a few other countries.”

Prime Minister Pahor also estimated the financial systems of other Member States and their sustainability: “You see, a big problem that is emerging is not Cyprus. Cyprus will fall because of Greece. It is too dependent on the Greek economy. Cyprus is manageable, despite the fact that the banking system is strong there. Apart from this, Cyprus is in all headlines because London takes care of that. London has a special historic relationship with Cyprus, we will not go into this now. The problem is called Spain. Now we are wondering what will happen in Spain. In Spain Zapatero has dramatically lost the elections, moreover, he no longer has a majority in their parliament to do anything. If Spain drops into the mechanism, Slovenes have not enough money anymore. Because for Spain, and here I ask you not to quote me, for Spain we calculated that we should give one billion one hundred and twenty million Euros. And now if you add up: 273 million we would give to Greece, for now we gave 207 million, 183 million to Ireland, to Portugal we already gave 202 million and to Greece, personally I hope it will not happen, we should additionally give 102.7 million due to amended law on guarantees. And now, if you add to these numbers one billion and two hundred for Spain, you can find out that our debt would increase to a level which we cannot afford, because we would go over 45 % of the public debt.”

Concerning the role of China, Prime Minister Pahor said: “And then you have the Chinese. The Chinese would buy everything. I remember a talk with the prime minister, who said: you shall increase the capitals of the bank; I said O.K. and I hope that the third partner shall turn up; and he said: we are interested in… I said: wait a bit, we need to submit an international tender; and he said: yes, let’s submit an international tender; and he added: I will give you twice as much as the (highest) bidder; they do not know at all how much they would give, but the Chinese: “I give twice as much… I said no, no, in this case it’s a political decision.”

The head of the Slovenian government also explained what was going on behind closed doors of the European Council: “/…/ look, we had a closed meeting. The heads of governments and states, as colleagues, we were discussing what would happen with Portugal … You know what was …, somebody said: there are 23 presidents of the European People’s Party sitting at the table and there are only 5 from socialist and social democratic parties. If he doesn’t sign a letter with the opposition, we shall all, also the president of people’s parties, go to Portugal and support Socrates for the president of the government.”    

Pahor’s buffet – style understanding of European and international politics is awfully simple. His chat with journalists (in general with domestic affairs editors) was held as a chat of mates, equal partners. This is the reason for his confident, sincere, free way of speaking. You discuss things in this way with persons who have the same views as you, and not with the representatives of the fourth branch of power who supervise you. This is another example indicating a nearly complete media monopoly exercised by socialists in Slovenia.

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